How it works

Optimizing content with NeuralText is as easy as counting to 5.

Insert the keyword

Insert the keyword you want to rank to

Analyze data

Run a content brief to study competitors and discover what topics you need to cover


Create the outline of your content based on SERP data


Start writing your next piece of content backed by data insights.


Discover related keywords along with their search intent for your content strategy.

NeuralText helps you write more relevant content

Stop spending tens of hours on researching to produce high-quality content, NeuralText handles the entire workflow for you.

NeuralText helps you understand what competitors are doing better

Analyze SERP and competitors content, without having to open dozens of tabs.

NeuralText helps you revamp your old content

We know, both users and Google prefer fresh content.
Updating your old content is a perfect way to increase the traffic your website gets organically: that's why we analyze only real-time data.

Make it easy for search engines
to understand your content.

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Content Brief

Analyze Competitor Content

WIth the Content Brief tool you can analyze SERP data and extract things like relevant terms used by competitors, how they outline their contents and what are the most cited entities (people, companies, events...).

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Content Grader

Optimize your content

Write your next high-quality piece of content using relevant terms extracted from SERP, respond to PAA questions, and create summaries for your meta description and social media captions.

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Search Intent

Batch Search Intent Tool

Insert up to 100 keywords to get their search intent along with SERP widgets and search volume.

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Smart Writer

Better content, faster

Use our deep learning technology to fit the AI writer on custom documents and live SERPs, and speed up your content creation phase.
Let the smart writer acquire the knowledge for you, and write any piece of content one suggestion at a time.

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