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What is a blog outline?

A blog post outline is usually the first step in writing for most content marketers. A blog outline helps you organize your main points using headings and bulleted lists to ensure a clear information order for your writers. We've created an AI-based outline generator to help you with your posts now and in the future.

What is the purpose of a outline?

Planning a blog post or an essay involves outlining. Writers use it to identify how all the information will be used to support their claims and thesis statements. Furthermore, it gives the writer the opportunity to manipulate ideas easily without writing complete paragraphs.

How do you start a blog outline?

  1. Choose a title for your article.
  2. Generate the blog outline with this tool
  3. Use bullet points to expand each section
  4. Include links supporting your examples or data

1. Choose a title for your article

The entire blog outlining process relies heavily on this step. When you start outlining, you should clearly know what you want to write.

Please don't waste time getting nitpicky about your working title -- make it easy to understand and relatable for your target audience.

After you have created your title, you can refine it. You want a very clear title that gives a clear sense of the whole piece.

No ideas? Check also this free blog title generator tool.

2. Generate the blog outline with this tool

Now that you've chosen a title, insert the title in the blog outline tool and you're done!

3. Use bullet points to expand each section

Use 3 or 4 bullet points for each heading to give a direction to the whole section. It could be a question, an educational sub-section, or an important detail you want your user to take away.

As a rule of thumb, stick to 3-4 bullet points for every heading. If your content is longer than 2000 words, maybe you would like to add more. But generally speaking, 3-4 bullet points will do the work for almost every blog post out there.

4. Include links supporting your examples or data

Your blog outline is starting to take shape. After you've expanded all your points, now it's time to find some supporting statistics, data and documents to make your piece of content even more complete and appealing.

Blog outline examples

Following the steps highlighted above, this is an example of a complete blog outline for an article with this title: "How to use LinkedIn Videos for Lead Generation".

  • The benefits of creating a linkedin video
    - Video marketing on the rise, 85% of marketers plan to increase video budget (Source)
    - Reach a larger audience, Increase engagment, Build trust and create new relationships
  • What to consider when creating a linkedin video
    - What video format works best?
    - What does LinkedIn consider a video view?
    - How long can LinkedIn videos be?
  • How to create a linkedin video that will convert
    - Add both entertaining and informational value.
    - Showcase your personality.
    - Clearly explain your product or service
  • The best tips for filming and editing your linkedin video
    - Use a Clean Background.
    - Choose a Good Video Editing Program.
    - Understand the Rule of Thirds.
  • Conclusion
    - Final thoughts
    - Call to action to what we want (product, newsletter subscription, social media following)...

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