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NeuralText is an AI-powered toolset that helps search marketers write better content.
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Is your article truly relevant to the niche you are writing for? 

The good news is that you don't need to be an expert anymore to create an article that ranks high in search engines.

An expert is more likely to use terms from a domain-specific vocabulary: NeuralText helps you find the right words.

Type the keyword you would like to rank and start digging in real-time SERP data to unveil untapped opportunities.

Related Questions

Related Questions

Explore the most popular threads on social media from real people and find out new content ideas.

Extract Entities from SERP

What is an entity? Google defines it as “a thing with distinct and independent existence.”

Analyze the most used persons, organizations, facts, and events used in SERP.

Write about things, not strings.

People also Ask

People Also Ask

Visualize topically related questions.
You can use them to enrich your existing content or to gather ideas for new content. 

Answer what your reader is asking.


Observe and study how competitors are explaining a topic and create the structure of your next article nimbly, saving time and energy.

Common Sources

Common Sources

Linking to reputable and authoritative sources is a common strategy for a lot of sites.
With NeuralText you can identify the most common authoritative sources used by competitors in seconds.

Cluster Analysis

We use an unsupervised approach for clustering paragraphs from single articles on different topics. Use it to spot what terms, verbs, and adjectives competitors are using in their contents.

Cluster Analysis

Spot what topics your draft is missing

Quickly spot what terms your draft is missing that competitors are using.
Relevant Terms
Score Questions

Discover how well you are responding to people's questions

With our technology, you can know if your content is a good candidate to appear in Featured Snippets or in a People Also Ask box.

Automate meta description creation with text summarization

Summarized text can be useful for creating meta descriptions and social media captions in a few seconds.
Automatic Summarization
G Docs add-on

Google Docs Add-on

With our add-on, you can integrate all the features of the content grader tool directly in Google Docs.
You have only to share a content brief with the outside world.

Search Intent Tool

Each time you type a query, your search has an active and passive intent.

During the years, search engines have become better and better in identifying the latent intents, in order to satisfy the search experience.

With NeuralText you can decipher a ton of SERPs to understand what queries target what intent.
Get inspired

Smart Writer

Use our deep learning technology to fit the AI writer on custom documents and live SERPs, and speed up your content creation phase.

Let the smart writer acquire the knowledge for you, and write any piece of content one suggestion at a time.

Discover a new way to analyze contents that already rank