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Smart Copy

Generate new Marketing Ideas in a click

Create tens of new copy ideas for your marketing campaigns just by describing your product in 2-3 sentences.

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Smart Writer

Better content, faster

Use our deep learning technology to fit the AI writer on custom documents and live SERPs, and speed up your content creation phase.
Let the smart writer acquire the knowledge for you, and write any piece of content one suggestion at a time.

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Content Brief

Analyze Organic Competitors

WIth the Content Brief tool you can analyze SERP data and extract things like relevant terms used by competitors, how they outline their contents and what are the most cited entities (people, companies, events...).

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Keyword Grouping

Automate keyword research

Group keywords using SERP data, not gut feeling. Speed up your keyword research process in hours, not weeks.

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Search Intent

Batch Search Intent Tool

Insert up to 100 keywords to get their search intent along with SERP widgets and search volume.

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