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Cluster thousands of keywords
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Cut down the time spent in editorial planning by95%‍
Precisely know what keywords you need to cover on your pages to rank higher.

Keyword Clustering made easy

Say goodbye to manual keyword research

Manual keyword research is time-consuming and ineffective when you have to understand user intent at scale.

With NeuralText you will understand quickly what keyword you need to include in your page to maximize the chances to rank.

  • Simplify keyword research
    If you have thousands of keywords in your list and want to speed up the process, we can group similar search terms for you.

  • Group keywords based on SERP data
    Our goal is to group any keywords with similar ranking URLs found together in the search engine result pages.

  • Streamline your content production process
    Know how many pages you need to create to cover a topic and what keyword you need to include.

Bring your keyword list

Upload your keyword list

NeuralText Clustering Tool works seamlessly with your current keyword research stack.

How it works:

  • Import keyword reports from SEMRush, Ahrefs and the like or upload a NeuralText keyword report.
  • Choose your country and language to get geo-located SERPs in real-time. We will do the rest.
A screenshot of the content outline feature. Analyze how competitors are using H1, H2 and so on.
Keyword Clusters

Decrypt user intent at scale

Our assumption is easy: search engine results pages are the way to go when it comes to understand what the user really wants.

  • Rank for hundreds of low volume, low difficulty, high intent keywords
  • Determine if a group of keywords should be targeted together on one page, or if they should be targeted separately on two pages
  • Find keyword variations you never thought
Get related questions from Quora, Reddit, Google Suggest and organic competitors

Customer Reviews

4.5 • G2 Reviews

I've been looking to build SEO keyword-optimized content for my site with a tool that can read through large blocks of text and present word suggestions at the best spots. It's great to see that the new NeuralText tool achieves this, which I think makes it quite unique among the others I have seen.

Jean B.

Content research analysis includes the topic questions, keywords and top-ranking websites. It helps with content research: keyword identification, topic research and outlining of blogs. NeuralText is a great addition to my workflow.

Rachel W.

Robust AI Content Creation. I like the feature set of NeuralText. There is a lot that this platform can accomplish. Working through writer's block can be difficult. NeuralText helps overcome the inertia of not knowing where to start with your content creation.

Alex M.

NeuralText Vs. Other Keyword Clustering Tools

Discover how NeuralText compares to other similar tools.




  • Keyword Discovery
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Content Brief feature
  • AI Text Generation



  • Keyword Discovery
  • Content Brief feature
  • Spreadsheet View



  • Keyword Discovery
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Content Brief feature



  • Keyword Discovery
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Content Brief feature
* Price per keyword calculated assuming you have 5.000 keywords to cluster
More Keyword Clustering credits can be bought separately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neuraltext?

Neuraltext helps you write and publish high-quality SEO content in half the time.

More than 15,000 marketers, SEOs, and content managers use Neuraltext every day.

Why does Neuraltext cost what it does?

A full-time, in-house writer can cost you $75,000 a year. Neuraltext costs only $49/month. Which sounds like a better deal?

Also, if you do all the writing yourself, you value your time at $100/hour, and Neuraltext saves you just a single hour a week, then Neuraltext saves you, effectively, almost $400 every month. If Neuraltext saves you 2 hours a week, that goes up to $800 a month. Do you catch my drift? ;)

What kind of writing can Neuraltext do?

Pretty much anything you want it to. It really shines in SEO, but you can use it to write Facebook ads, newsletter emails, landing pages, or pretty much anything else.

Does Neuraltext do the writing for me?

Most of it. You tell it what to write about, and it’ll do the writing. From there, you can make whatever changes you need.

Is Neuraltext’s writing really good enough to use on my blog?

We believe that, yes, the content that NeuralText writes will be more than good enough to use on your blog — especially when compared to a lot of the “content mill” content out there. Don’t just take my word for it, though — you can see for yourself by trying it out!

How much time can Neuraltext save me?

Well, how much do you write?

Neuraltext can cut the time you spend writing in half — in some cases, our clients spend only 20% as much time as they used to writing.

If you outsource your writing, you won’t save time by using Neuraltext, but you will save a lot of money.

But I thought AI’s can’t write as well as humans can?

Well, the world’s changing, and technology keeps improving. AI can do a lot of things it wasn’t able to do before, including write convincingly.

Plus, if you use Neuraltext  and you don’t like it, you can always change it yourself — or hire a human to change it for you. You’ll still have saved a lot of time (or money) coming up with keyword ideas and writing topics.