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NeuralText is an AI-powered toolset that helps search marketers write better content.
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How it works

Optimizing content with NeuralText is as easy as counting to 5.

Insert the keyword

Insert the keyword you want to rank to

Analyze data

Run a content brief to study competitors and discover what topics you need to cover


Create the outline of your content based on SERP data


Start writing your next piece of content backed by data insights.


Discover related keywords along with their search intent for your content strategy.
Content Brief Insights

Discover what ranks

Analyze any SERP and take advantage of untapped SEO opportunities.
  • Live SERP details
  • Relevant Topics
  • Common Sources
  • Questions from users
  • People Also Ask
  • Outlines
AI Content Editor

Grade your content

The Content Grader lets you optimize your content and increase the chances to rank for a search term.

Use the data straight from live SERP to discover how to structure a winning content.
AI Content Editor

See what competitors are writing

Find how your competitors are outlining their content, analyzing usage examples.
  • Usage examples for relevant topics
  • Usage examples for headings

Streamline your marketing workflow,
from ideation to execution

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AI Content Editor

Dozens of use cases

Create tens of new copy ideas for your marketing campaigns just by describing your product in 2-3 sentences.
  • Ideation (blog ideas, growth ideas, upsell ideas, etc...),
  • Website Tools (blog intro, outlines, microcopy and keyword generator)
  • Writing Tools (Question generation, Long-Form editor, Bullet to Paragraph)
  • Social Media and Ad Copy (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn)
  • Copywriting Formulas (PAS, BAB, FAB, AIDA)
AI Content Editor

Complete your content faster with text generation

Need some ideas to inspire you? Let our writing assistant help.
  • Complete your sentences with our writing assistant
  • Powered by GPT-3 from OpenAI
  • 30+ Use Cases (and counting!)
Content Templates

Create wonderful reports from templates

Create reusable deliverables to give your team instructions to speed up and scale its workflow.

NeuralText helps you understand what competitors are doing better

Analyze SERP and competitors content, without having to open dozens of tabs.

NeuralText helps you write more relevant content

Stop spending tens of hours on researching to produce high-quality content, NeuralText handles the entire workflow for you.

NeuralText helps you revamp your old content

We know, both users and Google prefer fresh content.
Updating your old content is a perfect way to increase the traffic your website gets organically: that's why we analyze only real-time data.

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