Keyword grouping made easy

Take your keyword research to the next level by using Google SERP data.

How it works

Grouping keywords with NeuralText is as easy as counting to 3.

You import a keywords list

Upload a file with up to 1000 keywords from your favorite tool.

We find keyword groups

We will do the heavy-lifting for you, crawling SERPs and grouping them by similarity.

You receive the final report

When the report is ready, we will notify you via email.

Works in any language
Real-time SERP data
Flexible Pricing for any needs
Stop guessing

Forget manual keyword research

Keyword research done manually often requires a ton of time. Stop wasting countless hours and base your organic growth strategy on data, not guessing.
Bring your own data
Keyword Cluster Tool works with:
* NeuralText Keyword Tool
* Google Search Console
* Ahrefs
* SEMRush

Level up your keyword research.

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