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5 things you need to know about writing great SEO title tags

In order to rank well in search, your title must strike a balance between resonating with your target audience and ranking high in search. It's possible to improve your SERPs and click-through rates (CTRs) if you manage both.

You can use our free AI tools to write SEO title tags and generate meta description that will both rank and convert by following these optimization tips.

1. Check the length and the appearance of the title

By default, Google allows title tags to have a width of 600 pixels, though this varies depending on the device used. In the event that an SEO title exceeds those given limits, it will be cut off by Google.

Keep your title tag under 60 characters, as well as checking the pixel width on your site. Otherwise, search engines will cut it off on results pages. Using Portent's SERP Preview Tool, you can find out if your SEO title is suitable in terms of both width and length. It shows you what your SEO title will look like before you publish it.

‍2. When possible, include the name of your company or brand

Add your company's name to your title tag to let searchers know who the page belongs to. As a result, your brand's visibility is boosted and readers who already trust your brand will be more inclined to click on your ads.

A long title tag is an exception to this rule. To avoid truncation (see the tip above), do not add your company's name if your tag is already 60 characters long without it.

3. Don't use the same title tag twice

Search engines and readers are confused by duplicate titles, resulting in lower rankings. When two or more pages have identical SEO titles, Google understands that they both have the same content, even if the content on the pages differs.

Each page should have a different, descriptive title tag. This is something Google has explicitly said.

A commerce site that titles every page "Cheap products for sale," for example, causes a user to have trouble distinguishing between two pages, according to the official recommendation. You can find a great tutorial about how to fix duplicate title tags with Siteliner.

4. Include keywords in your title tags

Make keywords the first thing you see It's important to use keywords wisely, but they're also essential.

In your SEO title, if possible, you should utilize your primary keywords. Don't force keywords into clumsy copy where they don't belong and use them naturally.

Use keywords sparingly and avoid being repetitive. You're not informing Google or users of what's on the page if your title tag consists of a list of six keywords.

5. Don't conceal the content of your page

When creating an SEO title tag, you should think about the user more than Google. To be effective, a title tag should provide the reader with something useful.

First and foremost, make sure you write a title tag that neatly describes what your users will see after they click your link.

Title tags should describe a product's purpose if its page is a product page. Explain to users what the content on the page accomplishes with terms such as "how" and "why" when writing a blog post.

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