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What is the value proposition?

You use a value proposition to explain why your product or service will be appealing to customers. By giving you their business, you communicate the clearest benefits your customers receive.

Your company should be a problem-solver that speaks to a customer's challenge and makes your value proposition stand out. It is important to focus your value proposition on how clients define your value, not how you are different from your competitors. A value proposition should inform conversations around brand strategy and taglines.

However, those are two very different things. It's understandable that you might ask: Why should I learn how to write a value proposition? A house's foundation is like an investment. All you can see in your home - and its long-term safety and security - rest on your foundation's solidity.

How do we generate the value proposition?

  1. Input – Describe the product or brand you have and the problem it solves.
  2. AI Writer – A value proposition will be created by NeuralText AI automagically.
  3. Output – Click the copy icon then paste into a document or click "Generate" again to get more outputs.

What are examples of value proposition?


A company providing value to its customers and consumers is Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola also focuses on customer satisfaction by developing products that focus on the customer's lifestyle.

There is diet coke, for example if a person is on a diet. The product of Coca Cola is designed to meet customer needs. They strive to engage consumers to try something refreshing and new at Coca Cola, with over 400 brands (including water, juices, teas, coffees, energy drinks, and especially sodas).

With their products, consumers really have a lot of choice. Fruitopia, Fanta, Sprite, Dasani, Nestea, Powerade and other Coca-Cola brands are just a few of the many brands offered by the company.

This slogan was intended to let the consumer enjoy Coca-Cola's products and was a symbol of the company's philosophy. Today's consumers can easily find Coca Cola non-alcoholic drinks.

In Coca-Cola's current value proposition, the company offers customers the chance to experience happiness every time they open up a Coca-Cola product. When one consumes Coca-Cola products, there is a sociable, enjoyable, and comfortable environment.


Nike values accessibility, innovation, customization, and brand/status. A variety of options is offered by the company to facilitate accessibility. Numerous footwear and apparel firms have been acquired by the company, among them Converse and Hurley International.

Due to these actions, it has increasingly diverse product lines, giving consumers a greater range of choices.

Innovation is a core value of the company. Nike's Explore Team Sport Research Lab is a design lab that utilizes cutting-edge technology to design cutting-edge products. The Nike Advanced Product Creation Center integrates technology into its products. NikeID is a service that allows customization. The company lets users customize the style, traction, and colors of their shoes. It is possible to customize socks as well.


Ingvar Kamprad founded Ikea in the 1940s to offer affordable furniture. "Building a better everyday life for the many." This is Ikea's stated mission statement.

Business plan: "become an affordable home furnishing company with a wide range of stylish, functional products".

The successful brand Ikea has marketed self-assembly furniture as an advantage for consumers and has stores in 32 countries worldwide.

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